Before and after cars

I will start a series of “before and after” photos from some of the projects we have done at MH Racing the last couple of years.
We will start with a -65 Rally Falcon that we rent for the Panamericana and Chihuahua Express.
Please stay tuned for more project photos and let me know if you have questions!

It’s a -65 Mustang fastback that we built for some German clients for Historic C in the Panamericana. We started with just a body that was in horrible condition and we ended up changing pretty much everything!
The end result was a really fast and pretty good looking GT 350 clone!

-65 Mustang fastback that we did for the Panamericana Historic C a couple of years ago. When we got this one, it was an ordinary 6 cylinder hard top Mustang. We had an old roof from a crashed car that we used to convert it to a fast back.
Same as the other Mustang, this one was also in really bad shape and we had to change the majority of the body parts.
We used a 302 V8, top loader transmission and 9 inch rear end to make this a front runner in the Panamericana and reigning champion in the Chihuahua Express.
Of course we also use our 20 years La Carrera experience to make this 50 year old American car perform like a modern sports car!

Back to the Panamericanos!
Este es uno de nuestros proyectos de los que estoy más orgulloso. Es un camaro a-67, de nuevo para la histórica c panamericana.
No sólo era realmente bueno, también increíblemente rápido. Recuerdo que en una larga etapa (la espina del diablo, en Durango) se fijó el 4º tiempo más rápido en general! SOLO GOLPEADO POR 3 TURISMO MAYOR STUDEBAKERS!

Ford Fiesta to a R2 Rally car. We get the cars brand new from the dealer and take absolutely everything apart. We add a chrome moly roll cage, sequential transmission, AP brakes, Reiger suspension and lots more and we end up with a Rally car that can take almost any abuse we throw at it!

Sorry, don’t have any “before photos” of this car but when we got it, it was an ordinary Fox body Mustang.
Wanted to show that we can build drag race cars also!
We “back halved” it to make room for 14×32 tires and a Ford 9 inch with 4 link suspension. We also put a 383 Chevy(!) small block and power glide transmission in it.
If you like drag cars, stay tuned because we just started a “shop project”, a 3rd generation Camaro with a turbo charged LS engine.
Soon we will start posting photos from that project!

Today’s “before and after project” is not a car, it’s a trailer!
If we need a trailer, why not build it ourselves? The advantage is that we can make it exactly the way we want it. In this case it means NO RAMPS! The whole bed tilts hydraulically and with a winch, it’s really easy for one person to load any car.