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Thinking of becoming the proud owner of a single race car? If you feel this is for you, please check this section of our website frequently, there may be information that is of interest to you.


This is a car that gives you a lot of excitement when driving it just like Karl Scheible did in the top 5 of La Carrera a few years ago.

Specification 2.5 liter 220 bhp DOHC Volvo engine. Disc brakes. Rack and pinion steering 5 speed BMW M3 gearbox, Volvo 240 Turbo rear and custom built front end.

It is a lightweight, very fast and manageable car that has excellent braking capabilities in curves, So it makes it very competitive. A very strong rally cage provides a high level of safety

This car was built in our workshop and is ready to race in any edition of La Carrera Panamericana

The car is priced at $ 35,000.00 USD

Contact us trough the form on the website, or
+52 (415) 155-8111    info@MHracing.com.mx
+46 705 444 215          hans.lindbohm@telia.com


Contact us trough the form on the website, or
+52 (415) 155-8111    info@MHracing.com.mx